There are several training activities within UP4C. All of them will be held both in Dubrovnik and Jakovlje. Dates will be announced soon in the events page. All materials and lectures will be uploaded here.

The legal framework of spatial plans and the right of access to information

The right of access to information is the democratic right of citizens and an important tool for ensuring the rule of law and good governance of all levels of public authorities. In this lecture we will explain all the laws and by-laws related to spatial planning and information system (NIPP), and we will explain the structure of spatial planning in Croatia, the strategic plans at the national level to the implementation plans UPU and the DPU. We would explain what information is available to the public and how to reach it, the addresses to which queries should be directed, which are time limits for response, etc.

The legal framework of spatial plans and the right of access to information_hr

Spatial Plans and public participation

The vast majority of people are not familiar with the process of making spatial plans, who determines the conditions of construction, to whom are referred complaints, etc. With this lecture we shall explain the process of developing spatial plans, with an emphasis on the county, PPUOG and zoning plan, what is planned with that plans, i.e. what things may be required through that plans, at what time and in what manner.

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GIS in spatial planning

Throughout the three days’ workshop participants will get familiar with fundamentals of geoinformation systems with focus on application of GIS in spatial planning. After the training the participants shall be capable to independently collect and edit necessary data for spatial planning and use GIS tools to analyse it.

Introduction to GIS_hr
Geo Service_hr

Developing GIS guidelines

GIS guidelines shall consist of two documents. First one will be used as workbook for training and second as a user manual for usage of Urban Planning Portal.

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Geo Service_hr